In Poland, air quality has reached a critical state, and indoors the concentration of particles that are dangerous to human health and life is even up to 60% higher than on the street. Therefore, SFM Filters Łuczak recommends using the highest classes of NanoWave filters, which effectively trap dangerous smog particles.

NanoWave filters are the latest generation filters that, thanks to their greater fiber rigidity, ensure proper pocket opening, maintaining their shape under various working conditions. Moreover, they provide a significantly lower pressure drop at a given efficiency. Thanks to this, NanoWave filters are an ideal solution for people who value healthy and clean air.

Distributed exclusively by SFM, NanoWave filters can be delivered within 7 days. Why risk your health and safety and that of your loved ones? Protect yourself from SMOG – use the best filters on the market. Contact us and our specialists will help you choose the appropriate class of NanoWave filters for your application.