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  • CG panel cassette filter

  • CG series panel filters are designed for air supply and distribution installations in spray paint booths as well as in drying plants used by the automotive, chemical and pharmaceutical industry and manufacturers of fire protection equipment. They are best suited as terminal filters for applications that require high air purity.

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  • FKF panel cassette filters

  • The FKF panel filter is designed for FCUs.  Light weight and easy to handle panel filters are designed for removing dust and other solids from air in various local air conditioners, such as those used in office environment.


    • filtr_panelowy-fkf.pdf (189,30 KB) - Download
  • FKP panel cassette filters

  • FKP panel filter is a disposable, durable and cost efficient general purpose air filter suitable for all types of heating, cooling and ventilation installations. The filter material used in FKP panel filters is impregnated glass fibre to increase the absorption capacity (dust collecting capacity) and reduce to minimum pressure drop of the clean filter.


  • FKZ corrugated cartridge filters

  • Designed for any type of ventilation systems as pre-filters to extend the life of higher efficiency filters. Can also be used as main filter in simpler systems depending on filter efficiency. FKZ filters are directly switchable with FKF panel filters and FKP metal filters to enhance the filtering efficiency of the entire system without having to modify it.


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  • FKM metal cassette filters

  • Light-weight metal filter for heavy duty applications, HVAC systems and kitchen exhaust hoods. 

    FKM filters are metal air filters suitable for highly efficient industrial applications as well as commercial and industrial central heating, ventilation and air conditioning installations. With high dust collection capacity and suitability for highly humid environment, FKM filters are particularly good choice as fat filters in kitchen exhaust hoods.


    • filtr_metalowy-fkm.pdf (258,52 KB) - Download

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