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  • FILTRASEPT air inlet vent

    The Filtrasept air inlet vent is intended for use in all places where clean air or germ free atmosphere is required, such as hospitals: in conventional operating theatres and surgical wards, intensive care wards, sterile zones, isolation rooms, etc., in industries, such as pharmaceutical industry, food processing and electronic industry as well as in laboratories: in clean and work zones, for filtering of toxic aerosols from exhaust air.

  • F type frames

    Frames for front F filter removal are intended for installation in handling units, ducts and air wall openings. Multiple F frames can be mounted on large walls.

  • NF type frames

    These frames are used to feed high purity degree filtered air in hospitals, laboratories and industrial facilities (pharmaceutical, food, electronic, etc.). The most suitable layout is horizontal air flow and the possibility to carry out maintenance of the system from the rear.

  • RS mounting frames

    he assembly frames facilitate installation and replacement of filters in ventilation and air conditioning systems. They are suitable for installation of FW pocket filters, FP and AFP compact filters as well as FKZ and FKP cartridge filters with 1” and 2” depth. The internal profile of the frame features a glued polypropylene seal which, along with four spring clamps of the frame, ensures 100% system tightness. Ventilation ducts to be performed with galvanised steel sheets. Openings on the side walls of frames enable to connect them into modules and construct the so-called “filtering walls” in air intakes.

  • P-DUCT System

    The P duct system is a cost effective element for introduction of finally filtered air directly to the target space via P filters installed in the P duct on its outlet to the room. The relatively large air outlet area and low air speed do not require installation of additional distribution elements. Depending on the selected P filter quality and P duct system layout, it is possible to obtain clean rooms or spaces with cleanliness class up to 10 000 acc. to the US federal standard 209 E.

  • NG housing

    The duct housing of the NG filters is intended for installation in the duct systems for supply of ultra-clean air. The air flow can be, as required, horizontal or vertical, with recommended service on the sides, from the top and bottom.

    The housing, installed as close to the air outlet as possible, allows to distribute air in a traditional manner in the area where clean air is to be provided.

    The special advantages of this type of filter system consist in possibility of filter replacement from the outside of the clean air zone.

  • KLV and KMV housing systems

    The KL-V duct housings are used in laboratories, water tanks and in all applications where small air volumes must be filtered.

    KM-V duct housing systems are intended for installation in air duct systems. They are intended for horizontal air flow.

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