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  • L filtration mat

    These precise filtering media are intended, as standard, for filtration of particles damaging the lacquer surface and are used as terminal filters in varnishing cabins or other surface processing systems. Furthermore, they ensure proper and even distribution of the air stream inside the entire cabin. Due to their properties, these matts are also suitable for filtration in general application ventilation devices, especially for places where protection of important devices is a priority.

  • M filtration mat

  • Due to extremely high durability when operating in high temperature (up to 200ºC), the M type materials are particularly suitable for installation in ceiling cartridge filter frames of spraying cabins. These materials can be used as filters in ventilation installations for drying devices in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry as well as in production of precise tools.


  • W filtration mat

  • Our filtering matts are manufactured only from top quality polyester fibres combined mechanically and thermally. In order to obtain the highest filtering stage with advantageous course of pressure difference, the SFM filtering matts feature a progressive structure. Layers of fibres with various diameters are arranged in such a manner that the density of the matt layer increases towards the clean side. This enables to achieve the optimally defined filtering efficiency as well as dust absorption and dust storage capacity. In the last phase of the technological process, the unwoven fabric is thermally smoothened on the clean side. This results in a product with significantly extended service life.
  • DustStop filter medium

  • DustStop filtering media are available in the form of rolls or insets and are suitable for use in all air handling units, installations intended for air conditioning as well as ventilation systems.
    • medium_filtracyjne-duststop.pdf (281,30 KB) - Pobierz plik
  • PaintStop filter medium

  • aintStop is an air filtering medium of commercial class, intended for removal of lacquer particles in spray coating cabins. The filtering medium is made of continuous glass fibre with loose plait, allowing for deep penetration of the particles into the insert, extending the service life of the insert and decreasing operating costs. The unique properties of the medium eliminate frontal surface load, increasing its ability to capture contamination and ensure that the obtained air is cleaner.
    • medium_filtracyjne-paintstop.pdf (227,08 KB) - Pobierz plik
  • PowderStop filter medium

  • High absorbing cardboard filter for separation of lacquer and powder substance particles. The PowderStop filters are made of processed recycled cardboard which is formed in a pleat two-layer labyrinth in the shape of letter “V”, with openings on both sides that are arranged asymmetrically. Due to such structure, the fluid volume of the filters is 3-5 times greater than in standard filtering media structures, without limitation of the air flow stream, concurrently increasing the period of effective filter operation.
    • medium_filtracyjne-powderstop.pdf (204,95 KB) - Pobierz plik

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