On 1 January 2016 new standard EN 779:2012r came into effect on the minimum number of 0.4 μm fraction particles retained on class F7, F8, F9 filters  

The standard defines the minimum number of retained 0.4 μm fraction particles /Minimum Efficiency/  in percentage, respectively:

F7 ≥ 35%

F8 ≥ 50%

F9 ≥ 70%

Anything above these thresholds renders filters as ineffective and banned for sale and use in HVAC air handling units.

Air filter manufacturers must ensure proper quality of filtering material through their purchase from reliable sources, i.e. from producers/vendors  who hold approvals that comply with EN 779: 2012r.

An additional requirement in force since 2016 is air filter energy efficiency, marked with classes A+ to G. Filter class indicates the energy needed by the filter to overcome air flow resistance,  which is measured in kWh. The lower the energy consumed by the filter as the air passes through it the better energy class (or energy efficiency) - the most efficient and the best class is A+.

Calculations prove that 30% of total energy consumed by a ventilation and air conditioning device is that consumed by filters. They also prove that an increase of air flow resistance by 1Pa results in an increase of energy cost by 1€. The point is to make sure that over the entire operational file of filters, until the threshold parameter is achieved, i.e. ca. 300/350Pa, flow resistance is as low as possible.

To meet these demands manufacturers charge F7-F9 filtering materials with electrostatic charges to improve filtration efficiency. However it takes just two weeks for that efficiency to drop from 50-60% to 10%. With that drop the flow resistance increases which leads to increased energy consumption.

Tthe solution to this problem comes with a synthetic material, free of electrostatic charges, with low resistance and discharging while being used. This is exactly the kind of material and consequently the type of filters that SFM Filtry Łuczak is offering. It has already been 3 years that SFM has been using NanoWave by Hollingsworth&Vose of the US, produced in M6, F7, F8, F9 classes. NanoWave filters have been in use in Poland (electronics facilities, automotive industry, pharmaceutical facilities) and have also become popular in Europe.

NanoWave filters benefits:

  • 50% longer filter life which reduces filter replacements during a year (saving the costs of system shutdown as well as  replacement costs)
  • energy efficiency, NanoWave filters are classified as A+


Worth noting is the fact that NanoWave filters meet all the requirements of EN 779:2012r, that has been in force since 1 January 2016.

SFM obtained ISO 9000:2009 quality management system certificate and ISO 14001:2005 environmental management system certificate valid until 11.01.2019


SFM Filtry Łuczak Sp. o.o  informuje, że filtry kieszeniowe produkowane przez nas z materiałów typu Meltblown i Nanowave w następujących klasach spełniają wymogi normy EN 779-2012 

  1. Nanowave   M6
  2. Nanowave   F7, F8, F9
  3. Meltblown   M6
  4. Meltblown   F7

 Firma dysponuje niezbędnymi atestami uprawnionych laboratoriów .

Informujemy, że produkowane przez nas filtry kieszeniowe F7 z włókniny NANOWAVE posiadają międzynarodowy certyfikat zgodności z aktualną europejską normą EN-779-2012



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