Starting as one of the first salespeople at SFM Filtry Łuczak, I had no predecessors from whom I could gain knowledge about sales. Right after passing my high school exam, without any professional experience but with a new driver’s license, I set out into the world of filtration. Knowing only the basics, I carried out my first technical visits to hypermarkets, car showrooms, and small service companies. As I gained experience and encountered larger industrial plants, office buildings, and shopping malls, I also became increasingly aware of the important role that filtration specialists play in the world around us. I don’t even know when I moved from the commonplace phrase “hit the target” to a higher level of conscious project realization – “know what you breathe.”

Over 20 years of my work at SFM, I have accumulated a wealth of positive professional experiences. Several revolutionary changes have brought new perspectives on the realities of trade in Poland, a fresh breeze of possibilities, and an innovation that has always been a priority.

Today, as every industry is fighting for competition and being the cheapest doesn’t mean being the best (which every salesperson has to deal with), we are the leader in the production of air filters for central air conditioning and ventilation. We owe this position not to financial racing, which our founder and mentor Janusz Łuczak always emphasized, but to the quality of our products and flexibility, which puts the customer’s interests first.

We cooperate with the largest manufacturers in Poland in every industry and on every level of air filtration.

Technologies are developing rapidly, and thanks to our forty years of experience and partnership with the strongest filtration brands in the world, SFM Filtry is always at the forefront of innovation. We are not those who copy the ideas of others but pioneers who set the path. Currently, our priority is to reduce pollution and care for the climate, which is associated with caring for the lives of future generations. As the only company in Poland, we produce filters made of NanoWave fiber patented by the American company H&V, which reduces energy consumption, prolongs lifespan, and consequently, reduces waste production and disposal.

As individuals, we would not achieve anything without the opportunity to build such a great trust among our customers. This attitude has been the guiding principle of our company since its inception. Human resources are one of the most critical factors in building a company – a pillar that motivates and determines development and goal achievement. That’s why SFM Filtry Łuczak can boast a large number of employees with over 20 years of service, both in administration and production. Engaging people depends on the commitment of supervisors, which is a parallel line that we climb together, realizing our goals and, most importantly, achieving them.